Florida AFCC is an extension of the international organization of AFCC, an association dedicated to the constructive resolution of family disputes.


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Florida AFCC members will come together at conferences in our state and join in the international conferences and training programs to create a unique opportunity to belong to a worldwide network of professionals and to participate in an international exchange of information and expertise. AFCC members are committed to developing and refining innovative techniques to assist families in resolving their disputes, including:

  • Custody and Divorce Mediation
  • Parent Education
  • Custody Evaluation
  • Litigation
  • Parent Coordination
  • Child Protection and Dependency Mediation
  • Custody and Divorce Mediation
  • Parent Education
  • Custody Evaluation
  • Litigation
  • Parent Coordination
  • Child Protection and Dependency Mediation

News and Events


FLAFCC is pleased and honored to announce its upcoming 13th Annual Conference, to be held from Wednesday, September 28 through Friday, September 30, 2016. Once again, FLACC is partnering with the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) in presenting the Conference, and it is is looking to be our best ever. The Conference theme is: CHARTING THE COURSE FOR CHANGE: EXPLORING NEW DIRECTIONS FOR FAMILY LAW PROFESSIONALS.


Our Save the Date appears below and you can click here to access the Save the Date to print and hand out to those you think may be interested in attending as well. If you are interested in submitting proposal, our Call for Presenters can be accessed here. Please note the deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2016. We hope to see you there, and look for the formal conference brochure to come shortly.




The Annual Meeting of FLAFCC took place on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2015, at THE FLORIDA HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER, the site of our 2016 Conference. FLAFCC welcomes the following new members to the Board of Directors:

- The Honorable Ariana Farajado Orshan, Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit
- General Magistrate Jon Johnson, 13th Judicial Circuit
- Pamela Schneider, J.D., Collaborative Attorney, 8th Judicial Circuit
- Wilhelmina Tribble, Owner, L.T.A., Inc., Orlando, Florida


We also wish to recognize and thank our departing board members for their many years of dedicated service to FLAFCC:

- Lawrence C. Datz, J.D., Attorney, Jacksonville
- Helen K. Gyllstrom, C.P.A., C.D.F.A., Gainesville
- General Magistrate Margaret Rosenbaum, 11th Circuit, Miami
- Sammi L. Siegel, Ph.D., South Miami- Jack A. Moring, J.D., Attorney, Crystal River


ELDERCARING COORDINATION: A New Conflict Resolution Concept

In March 2013, FLAFCC actuated a Task Force Co-Chaired by former AFCC and FLAFCC President Linda Fieldstone, who is the Director of Family Court Services in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, and Hon. Michelle T. Morley, Circuit Judge from the Fifth Circuit. The Task Force, composed of 20 statewide organizations or entities, and an Advisory Committee of experts in related areas, was charged with developing “eldercaring coordination” as a dispute resolution option specifically for those high conflict guardianship and mental health cases that include issues related to the care, safety and needs of elders. Modeled after parenting coordination, eldercaring coordination will focus on reducing the level of conflict so that family members and stakeholders are better able to focus more productively on the issues at hand concerning the elder. Rather than litigating with one another, family energy and resources will focus on respecting the needs, wishes and autonomy of the elder who is losing capacity to care for her or himself.

Hot off the Presses!!! September 2015 Update

Eight Florida Circuits (5th, 7th, 9th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 18th) have joined Indiana, Idaho, Ohio and Minnesota as Pilot Sites for Eldercaring Coordination! Each Pilot Site has designated three eldercaring coordinators (EC’s) to assist them with this project. FLAFCC sponsored the Inaugural Florida Training for Eldercaring Coordination in Orlando on July 15-17 and the twenty-four were trained — 24! (Click HERE for photos from the inaugural training). Pilot Sites are ready to go and the first cases have been referred to ECs. An independent research team headed by Pamela Teaster, Ph.D., nationally acclaimed for her previous work in this area, will be providing outcome information that will guide the process as it progresses.


Eldercaring coordination was developed through the ground-breaking collaboration of the FLAFCC Task Force, composed of twenty statewide organizations, and the Association for Conflict Resolution Task Force with twenty US/Canadian organizations, in an effort to improve the lives of elders and families involved in high conflict litigation. Eldercaring coordination is a dispute resolution option specifically for those high conflict cases involving issues related to the care and needs of elders, and is meant to compliment, not replace, other services such as provision of legal information or legal representation, individual/family therapy, medical, psychological or psychiatric evaluation or mediation.


Additional Pilot Project Sites Invited! The FLAFCC Task Force on Eldercaring Coordination invites others who are interested in participating as a Project Site: one judge, or judges, in a specific circuit or county with the goal of referring at least 6 families who participate in eldercaring coordination OR a group of attorneys who will refer at least six cases to eldercaring coordination through agreed order. Please contact the Co-Chairs:


Linda Fieldstone, M.Ed.

Supervisor Family Court Services

Tel.: 305-349-5589 Fax: 305-349-5634

The Honorable Michelle Morley
Circuit Judge
Tel.: 352-569-6960 Fax: 352-569-6961 Mmorley@circuit5.org

Also, please contact them if your Circuit would be willing to host a pilot court project to offer eldercaring coordination to the families in your community. The implementation of the court pilot project is expected to begin late in the summer of 2015 to allow time for training of eldercaring coordinators identified in your area.”



Coming Soon

REVISED EDITION: Empirically Based Parenting Plans: What Professionals Need to Know.


In 2009, the FLAFCC Parenting Plan Task Force, under the leadership of Debra K. Carter, Ph.D., brought you the first complete curriculum for professionals interested in the parenting coordination process. The curriculum has been a perennial best seller for those who have wanted to know everything there is to know about parenting coordination in Florida. Now, the curriculum has been revised and updated and will soon be available for purchase. The 2009 Bench Book was always available for free as a download from this website. The new Bench and Bar Book, which was prepared under the leadership of the Honorable Diana L. Moreland (12th Circuit) is available now. FLAFCC thanks Dr. Carter, Judge Moreland and the entire Task Force for the many hours of work they have dedicated to making the Second Edition of the curriculum just as "cutting edge" as the First."

To download the 2014 Bench Bar Book, click the image.

To order the original curriculum, click here and provide your contact information.